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Application Design

Your company’s site doesn’t have to be just a website. Instead, it can serve as the launching pad for an application that changes the face of your entire industry.

A progressive web application (PWA) can turn your website into a dynamic tool that creates additional revenue streams while providing essential services to your customers. The idea is to create an application that supplements your brand — moving your company and industry forward, while still sending the same brand image your audience is familiar with.

Workhorse Marketing doesn’t just create Web applications. We’ll support your application for life. Whether you need ongoing hosting and maintenance, or if you’d like additional features added, we’re here for you. We work hand in hand with you on the five phases of application design…

  • User Interface: Design a layout that’s engaging and useful, but not too overwhelming
  • Usability: Does the application draw the customer in? Or does it alienate the individual and prompt them to check out the competition?
  • Content: The heart of your app. That which you’re trying to present to your audience
  • Creativity: The flourishes that turn a good experience into a great one
  • Accessibility: Ensuring that your application works on all devices, and that all users can enjoy a pleasurable experience.