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Shakti Kathpalia

Technical Director

After the humble beginnings of his career as a graphic designer in 2005, Shakti has continually grown his technical skills to become a full-stack developer. With formal training as a multimedia specialist, he has extensive experience with creative graphics, modern web technologies, and various frontend & backend programming languages.

Shakti’s deep passion for helping businesses resolve their technical problems has helped him gain keen insights into clients’ goals, ideal project architecture, and finessed development. At Workhorse, he leads a team of experts to create excellent solutions for our clients while doing a lot of development work himself.

The motto he lives by: “Where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. If you don’t know the solution yet, there’s an opportunity”.

Shakti loves to travel and experience the sights, sounds, and cultures the world has to offer. When he’s not writing code or spending time with his family, he is on a trip or planning the next one.

Portrait of Shakti Kathpalia on a vibrant blue background