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Why CMOs Should Outsource Marketing

by Amber Tayama

Many CMOs question whether or not to outsource their marketing efforts. While outsourcing other departments such as customer service or accounting have become the norm, many still fret over outsourcing marketing. CMOs often express concerns about whether a marketing firm will understand their product or industry as well as their internal team. A legitimate concern, but one that can be easily solved through open, consistent communication with an agency.

Workhorse thinks that outsourcing marketing should be seen as simply dividing up responsibilities to optimize everyone’s output. Whether a CMO needs to partially or fully outsource their marketing, we can accelerate marketing by lending expertise, insights, and implementing strategy. Here are four ways Workhorse can help support CMOs as they outsource their marketing:

1. Boost Your Team’s Expertise

CMOs should consider outsourcing their marketing to increase their resources and boost their expertise. Even if you have a stellar team, a division of labor with experts in their retrospective fields is more likely to yield better results. That way you “…have marketing experts with specialized skills that you can assemble into a team that is specific to your immediate needs.” Working with an agency allows CMOs to conduct marketing efforts focused on building a vision for their business instead of micromanaging or researching new technology and channels.

Workhorse has a team of specialized individuals to help any CMO build and expand their marketing efforts. From improving organic ratings, streamlining a website, or reinventing a company’s branding, Workhorse has the experience and expertise to ensure their clients see growth.

2. Save Money and Expand Resources

Working with an agency can save CMOs money and effort by eliminating the need to look for and hire experienced full-time staff. In fact, it is “…not only expensive to attract top-tier talent, but also nearly impossible to lure amazing hires.” This means that while other companies may struggle to fill their own marketing positions, wise CMOs can rely on their outsourced agency to support their team with continuity and a cheaper price tag.

We know CMOs require reliable information to make the best financial decisions for their company, so Workhorse is transparent about all costs associated with a project. We are here to help CMOs get the desired outcomes at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time qualified employee.

3. Strategy and Foundation Support

When CMOs choose to outsource part of their marketing, they gain acuity while growing and delivering a more robust strategic plan for their company. CMOs need to foster “…a strategic relationship between [their] business and an agency.” This strategic relationship should take advantage of the agency’s insights while considering how future investments will align with CMO’s company goals. With tasks delegated to an agency, CMOs get a foundation of support for their role and their team.

Workhorse works in tandem with CMOs to construct a balanced strategy. We also make every effort to keep clients informed through regular, scheduled meetings and communication.

4. Obtain Ongoing Tracking, Reporting and Analysis

Many times when we talk about results we neglect to think about those results laid out, ready to absorb or present, but “…when someone hands you a stack of fresh, visually appealing, and actionable reports, you instantly gain hours of time, tons of strategy, and a major leg up in your marketing.” A marketing agency can deliver previously unattended or unmeasured information in a report so CMOs can make better calculations for future endeavors.

Workhorse knows how important verified, measurable results are. Through monthly reporting on website performance, paid and organic, and SEO strategy, our clients see where efforts need to be focused on how to proceed towards immediate and long-term goals.

If you’re questioning whether or not to outsource your marketing efforts, contact Workhorse Marketing today. We’re ready to help you get on the right track.

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