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Workhorse Marketing’s 20-Year History: From Stable to Stallion

by Workhorse
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Workhorse Marketing celebrates 20 years as an agency.

When you hear the word “workhorse,” what comes to mind? Is it a determined and hardworking individual who always puts their best foot forward and never gives up? At Workhorse Marketing, we strive to embody that exact spirit every day. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we can’t help but reflect on the journey that brought us here. Starting in a spare bedroom in Tucson, Arizona, we have come a long way to become a thriving marketing agency.

The Spare Room Startup

Founded in 2003, Workhorse Marketing began as a dream in the minds of two young entrepreneurs. They started the agency with minimal resources from a spare bedroom, dedicating countless hours to turning their ideas into reality. Their first client, the startup called Frost Gelato, quickly evolved into a prominent worldwide gelato brand, cementing their success. As their client base grew, the duo recognized the need for a dedicated workspace.

In 2004, they achieved a significant milestone by relocating to their first official office, signifying the agency’s progress and growth.

In 2005, the team of two expanded their roster by adding a website developer and a client manager. This addition allowed them to take on more projects and expand their capabilities, enabling them to better serve their clients. The momentum continued the following year when they upgraded to a larger office space with breathtaking views of the mesmerizing Catalina Mountains.

Sensing the opportunity for further expansion, Workhorse Marketing opened an office in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, in 2007. With the addition of Thomas Bacon, current Chief Technology Officer, the agency pushed boundaries regarding technology offerings.

Growing Into Our New Space

By 2008, the team experienced substantial growth, leading to an official rebranding as Workhorse Marketing. With this expansion, we moved into a larger office space on East 6th Street. Just two years later, in 2010, our workforce consisted of over ten dedicated staff members.

As the years progressed, Workhorse continued expanding its business and talent pool. Additional developers and designers were welcomed into the team, contributing to the company’s continuous growth. This growth was also evident in the increasing revenue generated year after year.

Setting a Foundation for Success

Reflecting back to 2013, the humble beginnings of the agency’s Austin days can be traced to a meeting at Opa, a cozy coffee house off South Lamar. Gathering there each day, Grant, Thomas, Alex, and Allie Higgs – who joined the team in June of that same year – collaborated and worked closely together. During these early Opa days, invaluable training and knowledge were obtained, laying the foundation for the agency’s promising future.

To further strengthen our team and presence, Workhorse acquired Aha Digital, a local digital marketing agency, in 2016. This strategic move bolstered our offerings and expanded our influence.

Fast forward to 2018, the agency continued expanding its capabilities by acquiring SiteGoals – a web development agency based in Austin, TX. This acquisition injected a fresh dose of UX/UI and web development expertise into the team, transforming the agency into a formidable force in the industry.

With our team now surpassing 25 members, the agency’s growth trajectory appeared unstoppable.

Progress After Pandemic

In 2019, we experienced our 16th consecutive year of year-over-year growth, which was an impressive feat. However, as with many businesses worldwide, the Covid-19 pandemic significantly impacted Workhorse’s operations.

Despite these challenges, the team’s unwavering determination remained unbroken.

Fast-forwarding to 2022, Workhorse was able to find our footing and eagerly began the process of reassembling our dynamic team, once again continuing on its upward growth trajectory.

To Infinity and Beyond:
The Future of Workhorse

We have a deep passion for marketing and websites. It is considered one of the major functions of any company that wants to sustain or grow. Over the past 20 years, marketers have become even more important and influential in the business world.

We are committed to maintaining our culture and work-life balance while we expand our team and enhance our services, and we are excited about the prospect of welcoming new team members – allowing us to grow further and increase the volume of work we take on for our clients.

The team is eager to tackle new challenges and projects, and although we are still learning and growing in our roles, we are optimistic about the direction in which Workhorse is heading. We aim to achieve sustained and responsible growth, enabling us to serve more businesses and provide excellent career opportunities for our dedicated employees.

Thank You for Riding With Us!

Workhorse Marketing’s story is a testament to the power of persistence and hard work. From humble beginnings in a spare bedroom to becoming a thriving marketing agency that has weathered many storms, we have come a long way. Along the way, we have acquired new skills, expanded our team, and won the trust of many great clients.

We are honored to have made it this far and thank everyone who has supported us along the way. We look forward to the next 20 years of helping our clients further achieve their marketing goals.

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