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User Interface (UI) Design

Lead nurturing isn’t something that only happens behind the scenes. Instead, it’s something consumers see every day. The marketing actions you take move shoppers through their path to purchase, and it’s your duty to show these consumers the way. But what happens if they run into a barrier?

Marketers must strive to remove anything that gets in the way of a sale. That’s what user interfacing (UI) is all about. Poor design prevents untold amounts of customers from reaching their goal of a purchase. Those are lost sales that no business can quantify. The only possible option, then, is to make the user interface so seamless that there’s no opportunity for the consumer to have a second thought.

Workhorse Marketing has developed user interfaces for businesses of all types, and we’d love to do the same for your organization. Our process is centered on four key design principles…

  • Place users in control of the interface: An easy-to-use interface, predictable options, inline tips and other techniques help the user to flow effortlessly through the experience, making it more likely for them to hit their intended targets
  • Make it comfortable to interact with your website or product: Evaluate every on-screen element to determine whether or not it provides value to the customer. Eliminate distractions and unnecessary information to create a comfortable experience.
  • Reduce cognitive load: Minimize the number of actions the user needs to take to achieve their goal
  • Make user interfaces consistent: Whether visual or functional, consistency through interfaces is one of the strongest contributors to a strong UI