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User Experience (UX) Design

How long does it take for a website visitor to form an impression about your company? 50 milliseconds, or 0.05 seconds. If people like your site, they might stick around. But if they don’t like your site, they’re definitely leaving.

A good user experience (UX) can make or break the relationship you have with your customers. It’s proven that shoppers are willing to pay more for a memorable experience. Go the extra mile and give people what they want — because if you don’t, a competitor will.

Workhorse Marketing is an experienced and effective UX design team. We’ll revamp your entire user experience, resulting in a website that leaves customers satisfied and eager to refer your site to others. Our UX approach incorporates…

  • Research and Data: We take the time to investigate your customer base and figure out what they’re really looking for. Understanding your audience is a key element in giving people what they want.
  • Simplicity: Keep the UX simple and don’t overcomplicate things
  • Usability: The user experience has to improve your company’s ability to provide customer service, while actually providing a quality and memorable experience for the consumer
  • Visual Aesthetics: The visual touches that put the entire experience over the top, helping customers to feel even more closely aligned with your brand