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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Content Strategy

by Katie Rick
3 min read
Illustration of a woman standing next to an open laptop surrounded by icons representing the process of developing a content strategy.

Are you trying to keep tabs on content by managing a social calendar and a blog list, and filling in emails whenever possible? A content strategy can make content marketing feel like one cohesive melody rather than a disjointed mess. Strategic content plans offer numerous benefits that directly contribute to improved revenue, customer engagement, overall reach, and more. Read on to learn how to plan and execute your content strategy.

1. Promote Cohesiveness and Establish Brand Authority

By coordinating your blogs, emails, and social media posts to go out around the same time on the same subject, you’re showing your audience that you have your finger on the pulse of your organization and steadily showcasing that preparedness solidifies your reputation. According to common behavioral science studies, the target audience needs to view a message at least seven times before it starts to stick. Continuity creates stronger brand recognition and builds trust through repetition and consistency.

2. Improve Search Engine Rankings

In order to truly stand out and increase your online visibility, you need to improve your search engine rankings. The key to achieving this is developing a content strategy that caters to your target audience’s interests and needs. Regularly producing high-quality content that is relevant and useful to your audience will establish your company as an authority in your industry. Take the time to understand your audience and create content that speaks to them.

3. Choose the Right Channels

Creating compelling content is important to any successful marketing strategy. However, it’s about more than just producing high-quality content; you must also find effective ways to distribute it to the right audience – this is where content marketing comes in. Businesses can gain greater content visibility and attract new website visitors by leveraging social media platforms and other relevant channels. With the right approach, strategic content marketing can drive site traffic, increase engagement, and ultimately achieve your online goals.

4. Attract and Retain Customers

Attracting and retaining customers is crucial to any business looking to thrive in today’s competitive market, and a well-crafted content strategy can help build a loyal customer base. By providing valuable and relevant content, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry, and create a positive customer experience. Regularly providing fresh and informative content that addresses their interests and concerns is also essential to retaining your existing customers – who are 40% more likely to complete a purchase than new customers.

5. Defining Topics

Using content pillars can help you stay within a specific parameter and hit on various touchpoints critical to your business and your audience. These pillars and a well-planned content calendar guide your messaging and help you maintain consistency across all platforms. Content pillars and calendars also allow you to create content while keeping your marketing strategy in mind, making it easier to reference in the future.

With well-defined content pillars, you can create a roadmap for your content creation process, enabling you to plan your topics, themes, and messaging clearly. An ideal content calendar enables you to create a balanced blend of your pillars, ensuring your messaging remains fresh and varied, attracting and retaining your audience’s interest. Using content pillars and calendars effectively creates a sturdy foundation enabling you to diversify your messaging and consistently engage your audience.

The Wrap-Up

In conclusion, having a content plan for your business is essential to the long-term health of your brand and overall success. Creating content without structure or direction can be time-consuming and confusing while failing to develop it cohesively can lead to negative feedback. Taking the time to plan out the content you will create ahead of time helps you avoid mistakes, reserve resources, and keep content cohesive across different platforms. Workhorse Marketing offers high-quality content planning to elevate your brand above the rest. Take control of your digital presence and contact us so we can start working on your custom-tailored content strategy today!

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