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7 Ways to Heat up Holiday Sales

by Willa Smith
3 min read

With more Christmas shoppers online this year than ever before, this is the time to take a look at your digital marketing mix and turn up the heat! For any industry looking for an end-of-year bump, here are seven things you can do to see that holiday season sales spike.

1. Holiday Video Ads

The holidays are one of the biggest times of the year for video advertising. The season usually generates some of the most unforgettable ads of the year, and some are cultural touchpoints, such as the annual John Lewis Christmas advertisements in the UK or Coca-Cola. Use video to tell your brand’s story and incorporate the season’s themes of giving and kindness to resonate with viewers across all platforms.

2. Paid Search

2020 will likely be the biggest year ever for online shopping, making where and how you appear on the web more important than ever before. Invest in paid search for the holidays so that you’re meeting your audience where they are by staying at the top of Google’s search lists. We know paid search can be hard to figure out, so we’re on deck to lend a hand wherever you need us. 

3. Website Pop Ups to Highlight Deals

Are you ringing in the season with a new product, deal, or offer for your customers to drive sales? Don’t let them miss it! Take another look at your website and consider adding a banner, pop-up, or new homepage creative assets to pull in your audience and help convert them users to customers. 

4. Engage With Your Community

During the holiday season, social media messaging strongly emphasizes the importance of giving, kindness, and togetherness. In this unusual time, try to balance those same sentiments while staying aware of the context in which you’re operating in. Spend time engaging with your community on social media and focus on creating content that is impactful, intentional, and timely — all while emphasizing sales!

5. Gift Guides

Gift guides are a common sight during this time of year and it’s a great way to engage with your audience! Think about who engages with you on social media and your website and how you can help them find the best gift for the people in their life (and don’t forget to include yourselves!) Gift guides are also a great opportunity for PR — think about getting in touch with local magazines and newspapers who do gift guides. With just a little bit of media budget, you can be featured and reach new potential customers. 

6. Leverage Your Email List

You did the hard work of getting them subscribed, now talk to them! Email lists are one of the best ways to stay in touch with your community and pull them back in. Are you running holiday deals? Make sure your audience knows about it! 

7. Keep Things Fun & Festive

At the core of all of these suggestions is the importance of organic engagement. Cindy Lou Hoo taught us that a holiday that’s all about gifts is no holiday at all, so don’t spend all your time just talking about sales — meet your customers where they are. Think about what is most important to them during this time and make sure you speak to that, building trust and loyalty along the way.

It’s not too late to get started! If you’re looking to boost sales this season, get in touch—we’d love to be a part of your team.

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