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Workhorse Marketing Recognized With Silver Davey Award 2023

by Workhorse
3 min read
The Workhorse Marketing logo displayed next to a 2023 silver Davey Award trophy.

The Davey Awards celebrate the remarkable artistry of small agencies, applauding their “Creative Davids” who have crafted unique projects for companies with smaller budgets. Led by The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) – a distinguished panel comprised of leading specialists in traditional and digital media from across the globe – these awards offer an opportunity to bring innovative achievements into focus on both local and international stages.

The Award: Silver for EdTech

The Client:

Acadeum connects universities, colleges, and other educational institutions with like-minded schools to help them collaborate in a manner that promotes student growth. Its course-sharing platform has been used successfully by hundreds of schools for streamlined processes, innovative curriculum design, and financial gains – all designed to better serve students.

The Project:

Acadeum’s previous site was very small, didn’t clearly communicate the mission, was difficult to read and didn’t prioritize user experience. With Workhorse’s help, Acadeum has shifted from a website that was difficult to understand into an efficient enterprise platform serving as both a strong teaching tool and a powerful conversion channel. Through the transformation process, their site not only grew in size but also improved communication about what they offer by prioritizing user experience.

Workhorse dove headfirst into the Acadeum brand, scouring through its history and goals to comprehensively understand their business landscape. We then crafted an effective strategy that incorporated user flow optimization, content planning, and much more – ensuring every detail was tailored precisely for conversion success.

We had the task of ensuring our website was suitable for both academic institutions and students who use it to share courses. To meet this goal, we employed user flow charts in order to effectively guide users through each audience’s experience on the site without any confusion or overlap between them. With careful design considerations, we successfully provided an easy-to-use platform that accommodated everyone involved.

Once our talented team of designers and developers had developed a website strategy, including an eye-catching color palette and a cohesive branding style, we started executing the content migration plan carefully. This was essential to ensure links from other websites – as well as any existing SEO rankings or marketing campaigns – were preserved. No stone was left unturned during this crucial transition period. Finally, after code writing & quality assurance testing, the new website launched on time and within the budget.

The Results:

Although the turnaround time was tight as Adadeum was heading into their fundraising period and needed a fully functional site by the onset of the season, together, we were able to work with the client to create an amazing site by our anticipated launch date. Acadeum’s new site has seen tremendous success since its implementation – with a 13.2% increase in pageviews, an impressive 5.4% decrease in bounce rate, and continued excellence as demonstrated by their 96 performance score. Through Workhorse’s dedicated team, we created a thoroughly engaging site built with high conversion in mind that will propel Acadeum forward as a thought leader in higher education.

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