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What Should Your 2022 Business Resolutions Be?

by Morgan Hampton
3 min read
2022 is a new year with new goals and new possibilities.

Our Top Goal Recommendations for You in 2022

As the holidays approach and 2021 winds to a close, we’re looking to next year. Now is the time to set lofty goals and make big plans for the year ahead, and we can help! We’ve rounded up our top goal recommendations for 2022. Scroll to get inspired!


Optimize Your Site for The New Google Algorithm

We broke down an update to the Google algorithm so you don’t have to. Find out what the update includes and what you need to do to stay on top of SEO performance.

A blog post titled Decoding the 2021 Google Page Experience Update displayed on a laptop computer.

Decode Google Web Vitals


Build a Strong Brand Identity

Creating an intentional and unique brand identity is key to a successful ongoing marketing strategy, but what drives a good brand identity? Learn what Workhorse Marketing has used to direct successful brand identities and strategies across industries.

A blog post titled 5 Drivers of a Strong Brand Identity displayed on a laptop computer screen.

Brand Identity Breakdown


Level-Up Your Website Design

2021 brought some eye-catching trends to the website design world. Take a look at our round up of the top trends and learn what you can do to make your website stand out in 2022.

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Website Trends


Improve Email Marketing

Are your emails getting lost to the inbox? Improve your open rate in 2022 by building an email strategy that avoids these 7 common email mistakes.

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7 Email Mistakes to Avoid


Establish an Effective Evergreen Marketing Strategy

Tired of refreshing your content constantly? Make it a goal in 2022 to focus on creating evergreen content that delivers ongoing growth. Not sure where to start? Our guide highlights 3 brands and the 3 evergreen tactics they’re utilizing.

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Evergreen Marketing Strategy


Execute a Content Strategy

Was your content controlling you in 2021? Make a resolution to get on top of content marketing in 2022 with our guide to building an effective content marketing strategy.

A blog post titled The Key to Great Content displayed on a laptop computer screen.

Content Strategy Guide


New Year. New Goals. New Possibilities.

We know that this is the time of year to start making plans for 2022, and we’re ready to be your partner in your next phase of growth. Reach out to our team to start the conversation on how Workhorse can help you reach your business goals.

Team Workhorse

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