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4 Common CMO Challenges

by Amber Tayama
4 Common CMO Challenges Blog Hero

There’s no denying it; CMOs hold difficult company positions. They must adapt, evolve, and learn constantly to keep their team and business competitive. Workhorse understands CMOs are held accountable for numerous business processes, and we want to help by offering strategic solutions for many of the hurdles CMOs face.

Here are four of the most common and critical challenges CMOs address and how Workhorse can help.

1. Brand Positioning, Strategy & Implementation

CMOs are expected to lead their brand. Knowing precisely who your brand is, what you do, and why you do it is necessary for every company’s marketing foundation. CMOs are trusted to disperse important ideas and messaging, but without a well-defined brand identity, it can be tricky. CMOs need a unified brand experience.

Workhorse can provide the research, personas, and proven methods to illuminate your marketing path. From a complete rebrand to streamlining, we can greatly reduce the hours you spend figuring out your brand’s positioning, strategy, and implementation.

2. Obtaining & Maintaining Clean Data

In order to meet demands or grow a business, a CMO must have clean data. A social media plan cannot be successful and an ad campaign won’t work without a foundation of reliable information. Searching for relevancy and base numbers to start from can seem daunting, especially if there have been company or personnel changes. A study shows that only 16% of CMOs said they trusted the accuracy, depth, and reliability of their customer data.

At Workhorse Marketing, we gather the data for you, continually update it, and openly share our results. We believe in transparency and accountability with our clients, allowing us to make better projections and establish realistic expectations with relevant, clean data.

3. Updating Current Channels

No matter how much time CMOs spend gathering clean data and putting together a solid brand strategy, it will all be for naught if their team is not updating current channels. This means keeping up with Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm and finding ways to overcome obstacles in other channels as they come. CMOs may find that keeping themselves and their team up-to-date is almost a full-time job in itself, but Workhorse can help.

Workhorse has a dedicated team that will work diligently to keep your present channels performing at high levels. We not only share the data we gather each month so you can see results, but we also use that data to proactively update channels for personalization and optimization.

4. Leveraging New Technology

CMOs are expected to stay up-to-date with the latest in marketing trends. With thousands of martech companies to choose from and the automation of different areas, this can be complicated. Along with discovering new technology, CMOs are often left to implement these new technologies with insufficient time and personnel.

Including a marketing team like Workhorse can help bridge this gap. We are well-versed in staple and new technologies including CRM platforms, personalization and nurture techniques, UX, ML and VR. Our team also continually explores and trains for new, viable technologies. With help from us, your business can incorporate and explore new technology without devoting hours to research or training.

Workhorse Marketing is the answer to every CMO’s hectic and overwhelming job. We can mitigate your workload and generate high-quality results so you look good while your company gets the best bang for its buck. Take the initiative. Contact Workhorse to ensure your marketing for 2019 is not affected by bad data, unclear brand identity, a lapse in current channels, or missing out on new technology.

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