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How Does Outsourced Marketing Work?

by Amber Tayama

Outsourcing marketing is pretty common these days. Marketing leaders are continuously looking for a way to increase efficiency and to spend their company’s marketing budget wisely and outsourcing usually helps with both. Besides the obvious workflow and financial benefits, outsourcing can also give CMOs a chance to focus on internal, bigger picture goals.

You may be thinking, “This all sounds great, but how does it work?”

Even though outsourced marketing can vary with the agency chosen, Workhorse has outlined how outsourced marketing generally works.

Team of Specialists

At Workhorse, the first step is to assign a team of specialists to take care of your account. Many agencies offer designers, developers, and/or specialists to help you reach your goals. So when a marketing leader decides to outsource part or all of their marketing, one of the biggest benefits is the multitude of talents you get. You’ll have an Account Manager as your main point of contact plus a dedicated team in areas that will produce results based on your needs.

Consistent Communication

The next step in outsourced marketing is to continually update clients on all design, development, and marketing efforts. Workhorse believes in transparency and that means clear communication on all fronts. Scheduled phone calls or in person meetings help our team stay aligned with your goals. With our help, marketing leaders can get more done with inhouse and outsourced teams in sync.

Report, Analyze, Repeat

We believe in providing clarity when it comes to results, which is an important step in outsourced marketing. Workhorse offers reporting based on unique client needs. We then use the reports to analyze the areas that are working, places we could improve, and next steps. With reports providing visible results, Workhorse is equipped to provide suggestions or build campaigns off of solid information. This also helps marketing leaders accurately plan for and present company goals.

At Workhorse, we assign specialists for each client’s needs, facilitate clear communication and alignment between teams, and provide the necessary tools or technology to make sure our predetermined protocols are being followed.Outsourcing marketing can sometimes feel like a leap of faith but it doesn’t have to. At Workhorse, we have set processes that allow us to collaborate with marketing leaders to successfully communicate their brand or ideas. Outsourcing your marketing efforts to an agency that can strategize and execute across multiple marketing channels could be key. Schedule your free consultation to see if Workhorse could be your outsourced marketing partner.

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